Industrial networking Wireless POE

Industrial Networking-Wireless PoE 

Provide IP camera one cable connection to network and uplink to intranet or local center wirelessly by Wi-Fi, LTE  and securely by VPN tunneling.
PoE Cellular Gateway provide IP camera uplink to intranet  by LTE. 
WAN & Uplink:  
LTE directly uplink to WAN intranet, Wi-Fi uplink to local center BSU.
Multi-cellular, combo cellular, concurrent Wi-Fi provide high reliability and BW uplink by fail-overload balance, bonding or dual-SIM mechanism.
Modbus Connectivity: 
Ethernet provide network connectivity and Modbus TCP access.
RS485 provide complete Modbus RTU/ASCII master / slave access. 
Local Connectivity: 
Provide per port scheduled / event-based PD power management through 

PoE cable. 

Fully protocol with NAT/Routing/IPv6 compatible with most IP network. 
Firewall and access control can prevent network from attacks.
VPN tunneling enable secure intranet connection. VLAN ensure group access.
QoS and Bandwidth management provide privileged and quality access.
 Web UI and CLI for friendly setting; SMS command for device remote control.
 SNMP and TR069 for device and network status management. 
Power / Housing:  
DC 24V~56V wide range power input with terminal block, flexible fitting with 

     environment supply. Up to 120W for four PDs. IP30 Rugged metal case with din-rail and mounting kit, used at various places.

POE Features : One Cable Connection for IPCAM

Cost effective and easy deployment for Installers 
Support  IEEE 802.3af/at PoE+ ports and provide up to 120W for 4 PDs
Easy to extend network connectivity for PDs in good-quality location 
Monitor instant status of powered devices remotely 
Quick to overview the status of PDs, like power budget and PoE type
Not only can set the priority of PDs ,but also can re-initial PD when PoE is Power overload
Network utilitycan check data link of PDs periodically
Power Off / On PDs by user-defined schedule rule  
Time schedule  can power Off / On PDs individually
Reduce system-crash of PDs suddenly via scheduling late at night  

Case Studies

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SCADA / Telemetry / Teleservice

Traffic Management  Project 
Wireless PoE Modbus
SCADA / Telemetry / Teleservice

Kaohsiung City Bus Project
Cellular Connectivity 

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