Public Security

Network Requirement to Build Wireless IP Surveillance 

Function Requirement for Building Wireless IP Surveillance 

IP Networking 

  • Build intranet between IP CAM and operation center surveillance system, compatible to most network infra-structure, even non public IP 
  • Meet high bandwidth requirement for multiple IP CAMs 
  • Capable of real time remote video monitoring and maintenance needs 
  • Remote recovery when IP CAM become unresponsive 
  • Network activity monitoring and network device management 

High Reliability within System 

  •  Robust Internet/ Intranet connection 
  •  Secure data transaction within intranet 
  •  Network Protection, Authentication and Certification 

Deployment Efficiency 

  • Time to market: easy and quick install 
  • Flexible: wide area coverage, non-geographic limit, easy to change site 
  • Cost effective: low install cost, low data traffic cost, low maintenance fee

Product and Solutions

  • LTE Uplink: LTE GW with optional POE connectingto IPCAM, Uplinkto intranet at wire un-reached for easily install
  • Wi-Fi PtMP: based on Wi-Fi BSU-SU, it can build point to multi-point IPCAM for cost effective multi-site deploy
  • Fixed-line Uplink: xDSL router with optional POE, connecting IPCAM to intranet with LTE backup highly reliability
  • Multi-Site Connectivity: VPN Concentrator build VPN intranet between sites and operation center; ACS cloud provision network devices to monitoring and maintenance

Features and Benefits

Gateway Features

  • Multi-WAN : Various physical interface for project requirement, multi & Combo WAN for highly redundancy 
  • Versatile Cellular: Cellular WAN with functions matching worldwide mobile operators service requirement
  • Multi-Cellular Bonding: Packet level bonding to increase bandwidth for multiple video streaming
  • Comprehensive Protocol: Complete IP protocol can meet network infrastructure compatibility
  • POE: One cable connect to IP CAM easy install and Re-initial by Schedule
  • USB Storage: Provide Ftp from IP CAM video file to local USB or remote center within VPN to expand storage

Wi-Fi Features

  • Flexible configure: AP router can configure as BSU, Repeater, SU to be scenario for PtMP for low cost multi-site deployment
  • Extended Coverage: By Wi-Fi repeating, high power Wi-Fi, high gain antenna, anti noise 56 as backhaul, it can extend coverage
  • High Reliability: Multiple Wi-Fi uplink by fail-over and load balance, link profile list for priority link, it can achieve

Multi-Site Connectivity Features

  • VPN Concentrator: Fully VPN function; Provision cellular private IP; Hyperlink to devices & configure directly
  • ACS Cloud: TR-069 compliant; Provision device parameters; Distribute new firmware ; Display device status

Deployment Benefits

  • Quick Install: With wireless connection, it can be quickly deployable, flexible and scalable for expansion
  • Minimum Cost: By Wi-Fi and LTE, it can minimize install cost, and lower maintenance expanse
  • Extended Coverage : With Wi-Fi repeating and uplink to intranet by LTE, it can expand more coverage
  • Highly Reliability : Multi-WAN, Multi-Cellular, or Multi-WiFi uplink can be failover or load balance for reliability
  • Highly Security: Besides Wi-Fi AES, capable of VPN tunnel building and X.509 certificate, it will be top secure
  • Environment Fitting: Rugged system and flexible power design fitting environment for easy install

Download: Outdoor IP Surveillance networking Solution Document

LTE as IP CAM uplink

Wi-Fi as IP CAM uplink 

 MetroLinq 60Ghz Interference Free Cloud managed PTP/PTMP links 1Gbps or 2.5Gbps capacity 

  • 7 GHz of uncongested spectrum
  • Secure - no excessive data is traveling beyond receiving station
  • Robust connectivity for mission critical data with 5 GHz backup

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