mlog Series

mlog Series

mlog - Centralized mlog Collection Across Networks

The mlog series is a comprehensive and cost-effective syslog management tool for businesses to meet stringent compliances, which often involve the collection and analysis of logs from different sources (eg, routers, firewalls, switches or servers) through syslog messages. 

Syslogs are classified into different severity (Emergency, Alert, Critical, Error, Warning, Notice, Informational, debugging) and facilities etc.

This is to support collecting all standard syslogs from any 3rd-party devices, and to generate and export firewall access logs, which are widely used for trace-back, compliance and auditing purposes. 

Message logging typically include below types of logs:

- Firewall access logs (most widely used, eg. logs tracking permitted/denied user accesses through firewall rules)

- Application access logs (eg. proxy URL logs, web server access logs)

- User authentication logs (eg. PAM logs, RADIUS logs)

- System status logs


Who is mlog suitable for?

  • Telecommunications provider
  • Wireless service providers
  • Managed Service providers
  • Businesses with multiple sites
  • Hospitality
  • F&B
  • Retail chains
  • Educational institutions

High Performance Syslog Monitoring Appliance

  • Supports unlimited number of devices for syslog collection
  • Handles up to 2 million messages per hour (model dependent)
  • Supports log collection from IPv4 and IPv6 devices
  • High performance hardware components

Centralized Syslog Monitoring

URL Logging

  • Quick and easy to deploy into the network
  • Support syslog messages and server logs from a range of network devices
  • Logs can be compressed and archived into external NAS for long term storage purposes

URL filtering and logging

mlog supports manual (or static) URL filtering, which allowsadministrator to manually specify list of URLs that they want to disallow user access. 

3 ways to block user access to specific URLs:

  1. Use DNS re-write features.
  2. Use web proxy to permit/deny by domain
  3. Use firewall content filtering
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