HSA-500W - SD-WAN Multi-WAN, Load-Balancing, failover, Fall-back VPN/SD-WAN router with 11ac WiFi Hotspot Captive Portal Ready

Ultra High-Speed Dual Band IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi

Built for speed. mbox  HSA-500-W utilizes the fastest wireless standards today to bring about an  enjoyable Internet surfing experience to guests connected to this  hotspot. To avoid channel congestion which may degrade the experience of  guests, HSA-500 is also capable of dual-band 2.4GHz/5.0GHz WiFi access  as well. The following features further enhances the performance of HSA-500. 


  •  4x 5dBi MIMO antenna  
  •  Gigabit WAN/LAN ports 
  •  USB2.0 ports 
  •  High capacity RAM/ROM 

mbox HotSpot Access (HSA-500) is an integrated Wide Area Network (WAN) appliance designed for retail or  small networks, with all essential enterprise features, incorporating advanced networking & security technologies, TCP/IP routing, Multi-WAN bonding, firewall VPN/QoS, and dual-band Wi-Fi, all packed into a powerful appliance. mbox’s “zero-config” feature enables speedy onsite deployment without the need of any certified network engineer, while its cloud management capabilities enables Managed Service Provider (MSP) to massively manage and monitor all deployed mboxes at fingertips.

What HSA does?

  • Connects offices to any WAN (Internet/MPLS/LL/ME)
  • Balances multiple ISP links with auto failover
  • Multi-homes critical networks with BGP and VRRP
  • Prioritizes critical applications or VIP users
  • Encrypts business transactions using secure VPN
  • Monetises Wi-Fi infra through advertising engines

What’s so special about HSA?

  • Powerful WAN gateway with high scalability
  • Monetization Wi-Fi appliance for maximum returns
  • Zero-config deployment with mfusion integration

Who need HSA?

  • Providers who need to deploy and manage massive
    remote CPE at ease
  • Organisations who need resilient Internet services
    from multiple ISPs for maximum speed and uptime
  • Retail and F&B outlets which need secure VPN tunnels
    back to HQ/DC networks
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