mbox HSA Series

Light-weight ultra fast WiFi router with Captive Portal capabilities for small and medium businesses.

HSA Series Overview

mbox HSG (Hotspot Gateway) series brought our advanced Web Captive technology into the hands of many enterprises and institutions providing public access WiFi. Tailored for large scale deployments, integrated with mfusion cloud monitoring and management, mbox is the ideal solution for such network setup. Yet, small and medium businesses very often need a scaled down guest WiFi solution with similar benefits but without the network complexities and costs of the traditional network setup. 

 Introducing mbox HSA (Hot Spot Access) series, putting our best technologies and experience from our Hotspot Gateway series into lighter package, doing the heavy lifting of an enterprise network on the cloud. The result is light-weight but highly robust network appliance ideal for small-to-medium sized premises, integrated with social media login, quick to deploy with direct Internet connection and intelligent data analytics access on the Cloud.

Feature RICH and high PERFORMANCE

With purpose-built hardware to meet the high network speeds of today, mbox HSA far surpasses the conventional wireless routers of today. Designed with durability in mind, mbox HSA utilizes a brushed Aluminium chasis that is both light-weight yet durable with zero mechanical moving parts to withstand vibrations and heat. In addition, HSA series can experience advanced features such as Dynamic QoS, push advertisements, multi-VLAN support, social media login and more by coupling with a HSG unit or vUAM (Virtual User Access Management) service by RansNet.

Mbox HSA Features:

Ultra High-Speed Dual Band IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi

Built for speed. mbox HSA-500 utilizes the fastest wireless standards today to bring about an enjoyable Internet surfing experience to guests connected to this hotspot. To avoid channel congestion which may degrade the experience of guests, HSA-500 is also capable of dual-band 2.4GHz/5.0GHz WiFi access as well. The following features further enhances the performance of HSA-500. 

  • 4x 5dBi MIMO antenna 
  • Gigabit WAN/LAN ports
  • USB2.0 ports
  • High capacity RAM/ROM

More Than Just Wi-Fi

mbox HSA-100 is designed for small to medium business that requires WiFi capabilities for guest or in-house network access without the need to invest extensively on Access Points, Wireless Controllers, Routers and Hotspot Appliances. With the ability to management multiple HSA-100 from a single mfusion console, it brings cloud networking technology accessible by small businesses. All in all, mbox HSA-100 brings the convenience of integrated solution comprising of the following.

  • Cloud managed GUI console
  • VPN capable
  • Stateful Firewall
  • WiFi router

Lightweight but Durable

In order to ensure the durability of the HSA-100, it allows small and medium business to robustly deploy the unit in various environmental conditions. It is designed to be encased in a strong but lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum chassis with zero mechanical moving parts to prevent mechanical failures from physical stresses. At the same time, the nature of the aluminium chassis with perforated sides will allow any heat to be quickly and uniformly dissipated from the device to prevent heat damage from over usage.

Even Better with mbox HSG Series

mbox HSA-100 secures guest WiFi access to small and medium sized premises, it is added on central HSG unit or vUAM (Virtual User Access Management) appliance that provides the heavy lifting to provide a full suite of features & services such as the AAA server and Captive Portal capabilities. This way could certainly save costs for enterprise from the complex and extensive network setup of Access Points, Wireless Controllers, Firewall and Router. Some of the most common features required include:

  • Self registration
  • Social media login or "Like" Page for WiFi
  • CRM integration with HSG/vUAM RADIUS
  • Dynamic QoS
  • WiFi voucher printing through mbox certified printer
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