mbox CMG Series

mbox CMG Series

Cloud Managed Gateways is designed for mass deployments and management of CPEs with advanced enterprise-grade security and routing features. Ideal for businesses with multiple office sites, Managed Service Providers and Telecommunications Providers.

The mbox Cloud Managed Gateway (CMG) can be deployed as an integrated gateway, where the router, firewall & WAN link balancer all exist in one device, saving costs from procuring multiple devices while enjoying maximum performance and reducing point of failures.

mbox’s “zero-config” feature enables speedy onsite deployment without the need of any certified network engineer, while its cloud management capabilities enables Managed Service Provider (MSP) to massively manage and monitor all your deployed mboxes at fingertips.

Who is CMG suitable for?

  • Telecommunications provider
  • Wireless service providers
  • Managed Service providers
  • Businesses with multiple sites

Versatile Network Interfaces

mbox supports multiple physical and logical interfaces. In summary, below are the types of interfaces supported by mbox:

  • Gigabit Ethernet interface (hardware interface)
  • Bonding interface (logical interface)
  • VLAN interface (logical interface)
  • PPP interface (logical dialer interface)
  • L2TPv3 interface (logical)
  • GRE tunnel interface (logical)

Robust IP Addressing & Routing

mbox provides the fundamental infrastructure for the delivery of advanced IP services across most industry networking products. Based on industry-leading Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards, mbox offers the support for a broad range of IP routing technologies that provides industry-leading scalability, availability, manageability, and high-performance capabilities.

Advanced Stateful Firewall

The mbox Firewall is a stateful firewall that inspects TCP and UDP packets at the application layer of the OSI model. Watching over the outgoing requests (to the Internet) and opens reciprocal, inbound ports for the return traffic, preventing unauthorized connections into the network. All traffic that goes through the mbox is inspected using RansNet’s proprietary Security Algorithns and is either allowed through or dropped.

mbox supports a wide range of industry standard Firewall design principles and protocols which all are managed from the Cloud.

WAN Link Balancer

Provides outbound traffic balancing and failover across multiple WAN links. It comes as a default feature for both CMG and HSA, without special licensing requirement.

Added onto mbox powerful performance and multiple GE ports, it offers a simple and cost-effective choice for enterprises to efficiently aggregate the total bandwidth available from multiple upstream ISP links with highest resiliency.

Load-balancing based on weights between links (weights are relative to each WAN link capacity), or just do failover with multiple levels of primary and backup interfaces.

Reliable Virtual Private Network

The mbox is capable of functioning as a bidirectional tunnel endpoint: receiving plain packets, encapsulate them, send them to the other end of the tunnel where they are unencapsulated, and sent to their final destination. Using mbox as CPE appliance, there are a few ways we can build VPN cloud to connect remote sites back to HQ/DC network

  • configure L2TPv3 tunnels between two mbox
  • configure GRE tunnels between two mbox
  • configure SSL VPN tunnels between two mbox
  • configure IPSec VPN tunnels between two mbox
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