HSG-25000 - On Premise WiFi Hotspot Captive Portal/Radius/AAA Server up to 25000 users

Hotspot Gateways (HSG) is designed for visitor-based networks, particularly wireless hotspot networks, as gateway to control user access, promote branding and monetize over Wi-Fi services. It has built-in captive portal with ready templates and CMS for customization, RADIUS for user access management (AAA) and usage analytics. In addition, HSG has built-in advertising engine for WiFi monetization.

HSG is an ideal hotspot gateway solution for hotels, retail chains, Internet Service providers and Telecommunications Provider.

Providing on-premise Internet connectivity to your customers is one of the best ways to improve and value-add to their experience. Deploying a successful visitor-based Internet infrastructure using mbox will give businesses Control, Visibility and Opportunities through better QoS, usage data analytics and user access control.

  • Up to 25000 concurrent users
  • In-built customizable captive portal
  • In-built usage & data analysis tools
  • 2U rack mountable
  • Router throughput of 5Gbps
  • Gigabit Interface 8 x GE
  • In-built stateful firewall
  • High-availability (VRRP)
  • mfusion cloud management and monitoring integrated
  • Multi VLANs Multiple Captive Portal


  • Trade Show
  • Temp Event
  • Concerts
  • Shopping Mall
  • Retail chains
  • Educational institutions
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Your Brand & Your Choice of mbox Login

mbox HSG has a built-in RADIUS server that provides user Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) to allow guests to access the Internet. As such, mbox HSG series is capable to support a large variety of login options to provide maximum convenience for guests yet maintaining accountability for business owners. The most commonly used login options are:

  • Wi-Fi voucher printing through mbox certified printer
  • LADP/AD integration with HSG RADIUS
  • CRM integration with HSG RADIUS
  • Social media login or "Like" Page for Wi-Fi
  • Self registration

Integrating with Hotel PMS

  1. Integrate with Hospitality Management System (eg. Opera) so that hotel guest can login with hotel check-in details (surname & room no.)
  2. Centralize billing and tracking system, seamless user experience
    * Additional PMS licensing and integration cost applies

Monetizing Wi-Fi

Providing free guest Wi-Fi no longer a cost to businesses anymore. Be part of our advertising network using mbox to allow advertisers to push relevant advertisements to your guests and enjoy revenue from it. Best of all, it remains to be a fully branded experience for businesses. 

How does it work?

  1. Guests log on to public Wi-Fi and are greeted by a branded captive portal
  2. Guests choose the login type and authenticates with mbox
  3. Upon authentication, an advertisement is pushed to their device
  4. Business owners earns for every Advertisement pushed into its guest network
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