Ignitenet MetroLinq 35cm 2.5Gbps 60GHZ PTP/CPE Integrated 11ac 5Ghz Backup Radio(1pcs) (Mounting Bracket NOT INCLUDED)

IgniteNet??s MetroLinq 60 is the world??s first cost-effective 60GHz PTP/PTMP radio enabling high performance, interference-free connections worldwide.The MetroLinq also includes a second 5GHz radio which can be configured as PtP (backup) to provide integrated redundancy without and additional hardware or complexity.

The MetroLinq 60 has an added advantage of being ??license-free in most markets globally, allowing ultra-fast deployment and without the hassle of other frequency bands requiring a license. 60 GHz has 7 GHz of noise free spectrum to use and it is an ideal solution for both urban and suburban connectivity. Narrow beam antennas and excess signal radiation absorption by oxygen allows frequency re-use in dense urban environments. Extremely high capacity allows deploying hybrid fiber wireless
networks quickly and cost-effectively extending existing fiber networks with multi-gigabit capable MetroLinq products operating in both PtP (point-to-point) and PtMP (Point to Multi-point) scenarios. It comes in two different capacity versions capable of 1 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps throughput. There are multiple model options to choose from than can connect up to 1.2 km distances.


  • WISP Last Mile Gigabit Connectivity
  • Fibre Extension
  • Laser Link replacement
  • Gigabit Building to Building Link
  • 4K CCTV link for Metropolitan areas
  • 3G/4G Backhaul
  • Metro WiFi
  • Campus Interconnection??
  • Hybrid Fiber/Wireless Networks
  • Least Line Replacement


  1. ?? MetroLinq PTP/Client Datasheet
  2. ?? MetroLinq Sector Datasheet
  3. ?? MetroLinq 2.5G Datasheet
  4. ??WhitePaper


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Fiber is no longer the only option for reaching gigabit link speed. Wireless technology has rapidly evolved to "wireless fiber" status with ??fiber-like?? gigabit wireless bridges and access points with low latency and long range, at what can be a fraction of the cost of trenching fiber. Wireless Fiber is ideal for dense deployments in residential neighborhoods and MDUs, as well as for carrier backhaul, building-to-building enterprise use, or public safety applications.

Key Advantages of Wireless Fiber PTP/PTMP include reductions in:

  • Cost, time, and crew required for installation
  • Truck rolls related to fiber optic damage from utilities and other companies digging in the coverage area
  • Wait time to realize ROI
  • Customer wait time for service availability
  • Security required (only ends need to be secured)
  • Digging or destruction of the environment


Wireless Fiber PTP +PTMP Network Diagram - A gigabit wireless bridge is used for point-to-point backhaul, where the access point then transmits the internet signal from the end of the bridge down to residential and/or commercial CPEs.??


Available models

ModelCapacity5Ghz radio60Ghz antenna5Ghz antenna
MetroLinq??? 60-30-18 Sector1 GbpsYES18dBi
MetroLinq??? 60-35 PTP/Client1 GbpsYES42dBi
MetroLinq??? 60-19 PTP/Client1 GbpsYES38dBi
MetroLinq??? 2.5G 60-35 PTP/Client2.5 GbpsYES
MetroLinq??? 2.5G 60-19 PTP/Client2.5 GbpsYES


1.??ICC-Bracket-LR - Long Range Mounting Bracket for Metrolinq unit.

This IgniteNet bracket tool is designed to maximize the distance of your MetroLinq radio, and its offset design allows you to fit more radios on your tower. Can be used with MetroLinq products, including; ML-60-35, and ML-60-19


2. ICC-Scope-9x50??- Alignment Scope for Metrolinq

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