Outdoor WiFi

Outdoor WiFi

Wifi Point to Point

Point to point wireless network links connect two locations together, operating in unlicensed 2.4Ghz,5Ghz, 24Ghz, 60Ghz radio frequencies or through free space optics with speeds available between 100mbps to 10Gbps.

Typical Point to Point applications are:

  • Building to building connectivity
  • Leased line replacement
  • Fiber line replacement
  • Wireless failover
  • Link CCTV cameras 

Wifi Point to MultiPoint

Point to Multi Point wireless networks, also used for outdoor wireless distribution WISPs , interconnect multiple locations to central access points. 

Typical Point to Multi Point applications are:

  • Connecting multiple buildings
  • CCTV solutions
  • Lease line replacement
  • Fiber replacement
  • Outdoor WiFi
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