mBox - Your Own WiFi Captive Portal / WiFi Monetisation / WiFi Advertising Server

  • Host your own mBox (locally/remote)
  • Branded Splash Page - Use your own Logo/URL/Domain
  • Multi Tenancy | No Monthly Rental Per Access Point
  • Wifi Captive Portal - Facebook/Twitter/Email login 
  • Data Mining Great For Marketing (social media login)
  • Ad Pushing/Promotions, in session with timer options,
  • Professional Design templates easy to modify/changeable 
  • Multi VLAN = Multiple Captive Portals for different customers
  • No Extra Costs - all you need is the mBox
  • Compatible with all Access Points, no need to change hardware
  • From 50 upto 25,000 users/devices supported

mPowering Enterprise and Guest Wi-Fi Access with Complete HotSpot Solutions

Guest Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Monetization
In-session ADs
Captive Portals | Landing Page
Wi-Fi User Authentication
E-mail OTP
POS Printer integrated
4G LTE Integrated*
Machine to Machine (M2M)
Auto failover
Encrypts business Transactions
Load Balancer
Links to any WAN

*Model Dependent

Collect Security Access Logs
Detect Anomalies
Alarm for Attacks
Report for Compliance
Manage HotSpot Configuration
Monitor Real Time Status
Alert for Faults and Thresholds
Report for Historical Performance

Providing free guest Wi-Fi no longer a cost to businesses anymore. Be part of our advertising network using mbox to allow advertisers to push relevant advertisements to your guests and enjoy revenue from it. Best of all, it remains to be a fully branded experience for businesses. 

Native Ads pushed to devices
   Earn revenue from each Ad pushed      
Earn revenue from each Ad pushed
Native Ads pushed to devices

How does it work?

  1. Guests log on to public Wi-Fi and are greeted by a branded captive portal
  2. Guests choose the login type and authenticates with mbox
  3. Upon authentication, an advertisement is pushed to their device
  4. Business owners earns for every Advertisement pushed into its guest network

mBox HSG has a built-in RADIUS server that provides user Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) to allow guests to access the Internet. As such, mbox HSG series is capable to support a large variety of login options to provide maximum convenience for guests yet maintaining accountability for business owners. The most commonly used login options are:

  1. Wi-Fi voucher printing through mbox certified printer
  2. LADP/AD integration with HSG RADIUS
  3. CRM integration with HSG RADIUS
  4. Social media login or "Like" Page for Wi-Fi
  5. Self registration

Who is mBox suitable for?

  • Hospitality
  • Telecommunications provider
  • Wireless service providers
  • F&B
  • Retail chains
  • Educational institutions

Integrated Router, Firewall, Link Balancer, HotSpot Controller,Captive Portal, AAA server and many advanced networking features built into one powerful industrial appliance.

Multiple VLANs, Multiple Portals

mbox as a powerful gateway itself can support hundreds of VLANs, and each VLAN can activate a hotspot instance (access controller) and map to different captive portal page with different user access controller, etc.

Some service providers can host one central mbox and provision eachVLAN for each customer to provide different hotspot services to different customers.


mbox hotspot engine empowers user Internet access with granular controls, using built-in RADIUS server for both local and external authentications, and maximizes user experience while meeting venue owners' business objectives.


CMG integrates router, stateful firewall and Multi-WAN link balancing capabilities into a single powerful appliance with maximum protection and resiliency at Internet perimeter.


mbox comes with extensive set of portal layouts and configurable features to meet flexible branding and security needs, together with web-based CMS to customize landing page at fingertips.


mlog collects all security logs, alarms for anomalies, stores for long-term retention, searches with intuitive web GUI for forensic investigation, and auto reports for compliance audits.


mbox captures user profiles and contacts for data analytics, redirects to target landing portals, generates group campaigns, and streams live ads, mPowering venue owners to monetize from free Wi-Fi networks.


mfusion enables seamless remote monitoring and management of all RansNet appliances (mbox and mlog), with support for 3rd-party products using standard SNMP protocols, providing full end-to-end visibility and ease of management for administrators.

Email Capturing through Free WiFi Video

mBox Landing Page Customisation Video