Mbox Support Package

Mbox support packages

  • Starter Hardware Warranty (FREE, 1st year only)
  • Extended Hardware Warranty (optional purchase, 2nd year onwards)
  • mCare Support (optional purchase)

Hardware Warranty provides basic carry-in faulty hardware RMA, as well as mfusion subscription. This is designed to mPower solution partners who focus on wi-fi/hotspot and managed infra monitoring solutions, possess in-house technical competency on Mbox products, and are capable of supporting end customers directly.

mCare Support is designed to mPower partners who focus on recommending and fulfilling the right solutions to customers. You rely on Mbox to provide advanced technical support to your critical customers so that you can offload internal resources and focus on driving the business to maximize customer satisfaction. This is also ideal for new partners who need to support critical customers while taking time to build up internal expertise.

Partners simply choose the level of service your business requires.

Starter Hardware Warranty service Components (1st year)

    • Carry in hardware RMA for faulty hardware
    • Eligibility for new version firmware updates/upgrades
    • mfusion cloud monitoring, reporting/alerting
    • FREE, for 1st year as part of hardware purchase

Extended Hardware Warranty service Components (2nd year onwards)

    • Same as starter hardware warranty scopes
    • Purchasable for 2nd year onwards

mCare support - Service Components

    • 24x7x4 unlimited phone and email support
    • 24x7x4 remote troubleshooting and diagnosis
    • NBD loaner unit for hardware replacement
    • Level 3 product support
    • mCare purchase (if required) should start from 1st year onwards
    • mCare can only be purchased with a valid warranty status (hardware must be under either starter or extended hardware warranty)

Pricing of Extended hardware warranty and mCare are available in Partner RRP Pricebook.

mCare support - 24x7x4 SLA (Committed Response Time)

An SLA support contact matrix will be provided once signing up of mCare. Response to SLA upon Incident Call/Email received:

Service level definitions:

Severity 1: Incident or problem causing total loss of service to any user or applications, example hang or application processes cannot start.

Severity 2: Incident or problem causing partial loss of service to any user or applications, example misconfigurations or new service provisioning.

Severity 3: Any inquiry or issue that has no incident, including general troubleshooting, configuration changes requests and/or updates

Renewal Policy

New contract starts from the day of box activation. Renewal starts from last date of contract expiry. Both mCare and Extended Warranty contracts should be renewed immediately upon expiry.