Amit Network Manage and Monitor System

Amit Network Manage &  Monitor System - UDR Series

Feature Sets:

  • Provide Supervisors graphical Pie chart to overview remote sites quickly.
  • Provide Supervisors to monitor remote AMIT GWs effectively everywhere Anytime.
  • Provision AMIT multi-site network device, batch job for like FW upgrade, Network monitoring.
  • It is compliance with TR-069 Protocol and support Stun Server to solve most NAT Issues.
  • It is an image–concept system and compliance with VMware Program or Amazon EC2 Cloud.
  • Provide secure channel for management between Remote supervisor and UDR system.
  • Specific Log as Heartbeat to set a trigger to alarm admin by email if remote Devices disconnect.
  • Create/Delete/Revise user accounts/privileges so that system security can be achieved.

Application Diagram:

Function: To install NMS to monitor the connectivity for Remote Sites. Admin or Project Manager can overview the status everywhere and anytime.

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System Support

NMS Version / Ordering information:

  1. UDR103-Trial – 8 managed devices
  2. UDR108-Basic – 256 managed devices,
  3. UDR109-Standard – 512 managed devices,
  4. UDR110-Prime– 1024 managed devices,
  5. UDR111-Enterprise – 2048 managed devices

Supported Device: AMIT I / V / O / B Product Series

Manage Functions

  1. Device Mgmt: Individual / Group Configuration  
  2. FW Upgrade:  Immediately, Batch by Group
  3. System Backup:  Immediately, Batch by Group
  4. System Info: CPU & Memory Usage, Up Time
  5. Up Link Info: Signal Strength, Uplink Module Info, SIM Info
  6. Network Info:   WAN & LAN Info, Send & Receive  Traffic
  7. WiFi Info: Channel, Station Number
  8. Mgmt. Interface:  Web GUI (http / https)
  9. Mgmt. Account:   Admin Level, Project Level Control
  10. Tools:  Quick Search

Monitor Functions

  1. Dashboard:                     Device Online / Offline Status, Device  First, Last and Next Management
  2. Device Dashboard:         Track Viewer ,Statistics, System Log, Wireless Station access list, Data Traffic per Interface
  3. Triggers & Events:           Log-based Monitor / trigger, Admin-defined Trigger: Heartbeat Monitor Alarm via Email 


  1. O/S:                   Windows, Linux
  2. Suggest Virtual   VMware Player,VMware  
  3. Programming      Workstation,VMware ESXi, *Amazon EC2
  4. Browser:           Chrome, Firefox

Advance Functions: 

  1. GNSS: GPS Tracking
  2. Display: Locate on Map
  3. Collect data: Any Data over IP Packet

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.  The Trial version can’t support advance function. Upgrade and additional fee are required. All the models, except Trial Version, can be extended to  support the advanced functions.

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