Guest Internet WiFi Hotspot Gateway

Guest Internet WiFi Hotspot Gateway

Charge for Internet, display a login page or collect email addresses for up to 1000 users, Secure internet access for 100 to 2000 guests


  • Motel/Hotel
  • Theatre
  • Music concert
  • Hospital
  • Airport
  • Shopping mall
  • Student dorms
  • Municipal office
  • Multi-tenant condo
  • University
  • Resort
  • Trade show


Facebook can now be used to log in and use the internet

Guests can used their Facebook account to Like and Share your business with friends

Collecting email addresses from hotspot users

Data mining – collecting guest email, Name, Tel number before they login to the wifi network

GIS Product Range

At a glance
- GIS Data sheet -

Correct for current hardware 2016
  Core GIS Features
  Customer Data Collection
  facebook™ Login
  Advanced Firewall
  PayPal® & Credit Card Billing
  Rack-mountable (1U)

   High performance multi-core CPU

  Dual WAN Load balance/Failover

  Quad WAN Load balance/Failover

  Built-in Wireless (WiFi)

  Users* 3050100250***
  Throughput (Mbps)** 6075100100200300400

 *There are no limits on the number of users but capability is dependent on type and quantitiy of user traffic and gateway options

 **Throughput is dependent on network infrastructure and gateway options

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