School WiFi

School WiFi

Entering the digital age, both teachers and students need a new approach for classroom teaching. There has been an increasing demand for high-speed broadband network for covering all places of school or campus. The wireless coverage for classrooms, dormitories, library and gymnasium should be able to implement effective terminal access and content delivery of high density and capacity. Seamless connection and stable operation of electronic schoolbags, multimedia and teaching management system will bring in unprecedented campus experience.

CHALLENGES Large Concurrent Users in High-density Areas For high-density scenarios like classrooms or academic halls, quick access to digital contents is required. A limited WLAN capacity will affect the user experience when crowded with numerous concurrent connections. 

Easy and Safe Connection Ensuring simplicity of access to avoid problem like re-authentication and securing diverse wireless accesses for different user groups. Network Security Campus network is an open network that security shall be the priority focus of attention.

Authority Management Wi-Fi users in campus are diversified including faculty and students, they will access the network from different regions with various devices. The IT staff need to find a way to manage different authorities and traffic control based on client, location and client devices. Moreover, shared accounts should be banned in campus where are using subscription system.

Case study - Minghsin University of science and technology.

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06 Dec 2017

New 802.11ac Wave2 AC2600 access points from IgniteNet

Two exciting new Wave2 access points are enhancing enterprise Wi-Fi product portfolio

IgniteNet is introducing two new high performance, Wave2 access points that will complement the current Wi-Fi product line offering the latest in WiFi technologies and performance.

Spark Wave2 mini

The Spark Wave2 mini is a very small and sleek form factor indoor AP with a 2x2 dual-band concurrent radio. Its high performance 802.11ac Wave2 radio and extremely low price point make this product stand out as the lowest cost enterprise wireless AP on the market.


Sunspot Wave2

 SunSpot Wave2 is IgniteNet’s highest performance access point with a dual-band concurrent 4x4 radio offering datarates of up to 2.6 Gbps over the air. Equipped with a powerful CPU, 4 wireless chains for each radio, and the advantages of 11ac Wave2 standard like MU-MiMo and beamforming, the SunSpot Wave2 is ideal for high-density deployments requiring high performance and large numbers of clients. Additionally, it comes in a universal IP-55 rated enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor deployments – greatly simplifying logisitics and deployment for service providers.

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