WiFi for SMB (Small/Medium Business)

WiFi for SMB (Small/Medium Business)

Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) need fast, reliable Wi-Fi just as much as large enterprises. What they don’t need are enterprise-scale costs and complexity. 

With the Cloud managed Solution 

Reduce Costs with Plug-and-Play Wi-Fi
Ignitenet Cloud managed  Wi-Fi solutions a breakthrough wireless innovations in packages designed for smaller organizations with limited IT staff and budgets. You don’t have to spend hours navigating arcane configuration screens. All of these technology innovations just work, out of the box. You can simply configure all the settings on the cloud and provision the APs into the site , all the APs will get the setting from the Cloud once they powered on and connected to the internet.

Ignitenet Cloud managed solutions for smaller businesses are simple to deploy and use, but that doesn’t mean they’re limited. Whatever your business needs.
Scale Your Network Effortlessly

Ignitnet cloud support unlimited sites and each site support up to 500 devices/Swtiches/indoor/outdoor Access points.

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