Retail & Restaurant WiFi Solution

Retail & Restaurant WiFi Solution

In-store marketing opportunities

Providing free guest Wi-Fi no longer a cost to businesses anymore. Be part of our advertising network using our solution to allow advertisers to push relevant advertisements to your guests and enjoy revenue from it. Best of all, it remains to be a fully branded experience for businesses.

Capture customer data through a secure Wi-Fi network and create innovative ways to offer personalised product information, marketing offers and specific services through their mobile. You can also adjust in-store signage to match consumer traffic patterns.

Increase customer engagement

Providing customers with a relevant and personalised experience includes allowing shoppers access to Wi-Fi.

But most UK retailers still don't have robust in-store Wi-Fi in place to provide a branded retail experience and generate additional revenue streams through targeted advertising and data collection. 

Create a robust, guest Wi-Fi solution that will increase in-store engagement and transform the shopping experience for customers and staff alike.

How does it work?

  1. Guests log on to public Wi-Fi and are greeted by a branded captive portal
  2. Guests choose the login type and authenticates with mbox
  3. Upon authentication, an advertisement is pushed to their device
  4. Business owners earns for every Advertisement pushed into its guest network

Example Captive Portal Page links as below:

Fast Food restaurant

Products: 112 of 16
Products: 112 of 16