Property owners can use a quality WiFi network to make their buildings more competitive and more desirable to prospective tenants. Our solution, designed specifically for the private rental sector, allows property managers to take control of the building’s connectivity. 

our easy-to-use Cloud management platform, allows residents to have connectivity and their own private network from day one. Building managers or residents have the option to easily upgrade internet packages and available bandwidth in just a few clicks.

Our solution allows residents to have their own private WiFi network in each apartment, a separate guest network also can be added in the communal areas. Our solution opens up possibilities for residents to securely connect all of their devices just like in any home either wired or wireless.

Our Products: 

mBox Complete Hotspot Solution
From 50 -25000 user/Devices suitable for chain stores, MSP, Multi sites deployments, compatible with 3rd parties Access points.

GIS Hotspot Solution
Cost effective, suitable for small medium hotspot deployment.
Products: 112 of 16
Products: 112 of 16