Secure  Wireless CCTV links

Secure Wireless CCTV links

WIRELESS CCTV SOLUTIONS - from 100Mbps to 2.5Gbps PTP/PTMP Interference free Solution

5Ghz/60Ghz  Point to Point links have a single radio at each end of the link.

5Ghz Point to MultiPoint Link has a single radio at each remote Station/ Client location and a single radio at the collector AP/Base location. The collector location is usually fitted with an omni or sector antenna with broader beamwidth.

5Ghz/60Ghz Wireless Backhaul are Ultra High capacity links available only in Point to Point configuration. Links are built to order based on frequency allocations and required throughput. 60Ghz is interference Free Gigabit Capacity for Ultra HD 4K CCTV/ Video Transmit.

  • 7 GHz of uncongested spectrum (60Ghz Product Only)
  • Secure - no excessive data is traveling beyond receiving station
  • Robust connectivity for mission critical data with 5 GHz backup
  • Fully Cloud Managed for provisioning/monitoring/maintenance/diagnostic

Fully Cloud Managed 

Learn more about our Cloud Management system here

Download:Outdoor Wireless Video Surveillance Networks using 60Ghz MetroLinq

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