Secure  Wireless CCTV links

Secure Wireless CCTV links

WIRELESS CCTV SOLUTIONS - from 100Mbps to 2.5Gbps PTP/PTMP Interference free Solution

High resolution video surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular for both home,  business, and municipal applications.  However, while these systems are able to provide crystal clear images and wide fields of view, they also require very high bandwidth - essentially needing fiber-like connectivity to each camera.  MetroLinq is the first wireless system to enable ubiquitous deployment of these networks at extremely affordable price points using the worldwide license-free 60GHz frequency band.

Wireless networking is becoming the new standard for enterprise connectivity. WLAN’s eliminate the need for costly installation of cabled fiber and allows for surveillance systems to be extended and updated with minimal disruption to the existing network. MetroLinq PTP/PTMP gigabit wireless networks are often the only solution in many urban, remote and difficult-to-access areas. A complete wireless video system can now be deployed and installed in just days, instead of weeks or months.

A video system utilizing wireless technology provides a rapid return on investment, with fiber-like  speeds that cost a fraction of traditional cable fiber. Also with MetroLinq, the installations can easily be managed and monitored through IgniteNet’s easy to use cloud controller making ongoing management easy. And with quick deployment, installation labor costs are minimal, as compared to trenching fiber.

MetroLinq™ 60Ghz PTP/PTMP Solution

Fiber-like Wireless Performance
MetroLinq is the first affordable gigabit wireless  radio to operate in the unlicensed 60GHz band.  MetroLinq delivers high-capacity connections using the worldwide license-free 60GHz band   without the noise and instability that is common in other unlicensed bands.  93% of all unlicensed spectrum lives in the 60GHz band and provides a vast amount of spectrum in which to operate to deliver seamless connections.

Lowest Cost Gigabit Connections
Gigabit speeds increases the potential video throughput tenfold, minimizing your transfetimes and significantly enhancing the ability to stream high-bandwidth files. MetroLinq allows for streaming high-definition (HD) video content with little to no delays or buffering.

Dual Band 60GHz & 5GHz Operation
The MetroLinq includes a second FREE 5GHz radio, configured as a backup to the 60GHz, providing automatic failover during adverse conditions. This allows links to be extended further without affecting link availability and provides integrated
redundancy without any additional hardware or complexity.

Cloud Manageable
The IgniteNet Cloud Controller can be used to manage all MetroLinq devices from anywhere in the world, providing service providers and integrators access to live device status and statisitics as well as bulk firmware management. With unlimited
sites and devices, IgniteNet’s controller is the lowest cost on the market today.

Interference-Free & Unlicensed Band
The MetroLinq offers unprecedented performance – combining both the benefits of unlicensed band operation with virtually no interference. It’s a perfect combination!

Future Proof
The MetroLinq family of products provides a long roadmap for future products operating in the 60GHz band that extends beyond 10Gbps+ over the next few years.

5Ghz/60Ghz  Point to Point links have a single radio at each end of the link.

5Ghz Point to MultiPoint Link has a single radio at each remote Station/ Client location and a single radio at the collector AP/Base location. The collector location is usually fitted with an omni or sector antenna with broader beamwidth.

5Ghz/60Ghz Wireless Backhaul are Ultra High capacity links available only in Point to Point configuration. Links are built to order based on frequency allocations and required throughput. 60Ghz is interference Free Gigabit Capacity for Ultra HD 4K CCTV/ Video Transmit.

  • 7 GHz of uncongested spectrum (60Ghz Product Only)
  • Secure - no excessive data is traveling beyond receiving station
  • Robust connectivity for mission critical data with 5 GHz backup
  • Fully Cloud Managed for provisioning/monitoring/maintenance/diagnostic

Fully Cloud Managed 

Learn more about our Cloud Management system here

Download:Outdoor Wireless Video Surveillance Networks using 60Ghz MetroLinq

4G LTE Wireless CCTV Solution

• Function Requirement for Building Wireless IP Surveillance
– IP Networking
• Build intranet between IP CAM and operation center surveillance system,
compatible to most network infra-structure, even non public IP
• Meet high bandwidth requirement for multiple IP CAMs
• Capable of real time remote video monitoring and maintenance needs
• Remote recovery when IP CAM become unresponsive
• Network activity monitoring and network device management
• High Reliability within System
– Robust Internet/ Intranet connection
– Secure data transaction within intranet
– Network Protection, Authentication and Certification
• Deployment Efficiency
– Time to market: easy and quick install
– Flexible: wide area coverage, non-geographic limit, easy to change site
– Cost effective: low install cost, low data traffic cost, low maintenance fee

Solution & Benefits

Product and Solutions 

  1. LTE Uplink: LTE GW with optional POE connecting to IPCAM, Uplink to intranet at wire un-reached for easily install
  2. Wi-Fi  PtMP: based on Wi-Fi BSU-SU, it can build point to multi-point IPCAM for cost effective multi-site deploy
  3. Fixed-line Uplink: xDSL router with optional POE, connecting IPCAM to intranet  with LTE backup highly reliability
  4. Multi-Site Connectivity: VPN Concentrator build VPN intranet between sites and operation center; ACS cloud provision  network devices to monitoring and maintenance
  5. Features and Benefits

Deployment Benefits:

  1. Quick Install: With wireless connection, it can be quickly deployable, flexible and scalable for expansion
  2. Minimum Cost: By Wi-Fi and LTE, it can minimize install cost, and lower maintenance expanse
  3. Extended Coverage : With Wi-Fi repeating and uplink to intranet by LTE, it can expand more coverage
  4. Highly Reliability : Multi-WAN, Multi-Cellular, or Multi-WiFi uplink can be failover or load balance for reliability
  5. Highly Security: Besides Wi-Fi AES, capable of VPN tunnel building and X.509 certificate, it will be top secure
  6. Environment Fitting: Rugged system and flexible power design  fitting environment for easy install

Product Selection : LTE Gateway as Uplink

Our 4G LTE Product range:

M100 Advanced M2M  Industrial 4G/LTE Router
M100 Advanced M2M Industrial 4G/LTE Router


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