Caravan/Holiday Parks/Campsites WiFi

Caravan/Holiday Parks/Campsites WiFi

Caravan Park Wifi Solution

  1. Hotspot Gateway ( billing, accounting, payment, bandwidth management) - from 30 users up to 2000 users.

  2. Outdoor Access Points - Dual band 11ac with 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz.

  3. Cloud Controller for remote management and monitoring

  4. Ticket Printer / Account generator

guest Internet Hotspot Gateway GIS-R20
SF-AC1200-2 - IgniteNet SkyFire AC1200 Dual-Band Outdoor AP/CPE/PTP w/ Integrated 7dBi 2.4GHz and 15dBi 5GHz Antennas
IgniteNet Core Cloud Subscription Service - 1 Year
guest Internet Hotspot Gateway GIS-TP1


  1. Providing Wireless Internet services may help to attract new customers to the facilities.
  2. By keeping your customers at the facility for longer you can increase the revenue stream of other areas of your business, such as cafés and leisure facilities.
  3. Providing an additional service such as Internet Access can give you competitive advantage over other parks in your area.
  4. Occupation levels can increase as business individuals and younger generations in particular want to remain in contact with the outside world 
  5. A holiday park wifi network can be deployed with speed and can eliminate the need to put expensive cable through walls and ceilings, reducing expense. 
  6. Wireless Networks can be configured in a variety of different ways to meet the changing needs of your park. Adapting the network to future requirements is straightforward, which extends the viability of your investment.
  7. Wi-Fi availability can also help improve ratings with tourist boards and other qualifying authorities.
  8. We take away the hassle of running your own network by providing full support to you and your customers.
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Products: 112 of 17