4G LTE M2M IoT Connectivity Solution

4G LTE M2M IoT Connectivity Solution

Zcomax 4G LTE M2M IoT Connectivity Solution for below applications:

CCTV Public Security
Environment Monitoring
Utility Management


Factory & Field

Machine & Facility

Device SCADA


Heavy Industry


Mission Critical

Fleet & Logistics

Heavy Duty

Marine & Flight

Wireless ATM

Digital Signage


IT Machine

Retail & POS

Business Continuity
Remote Branch
Temporary Events
Store & Shop
Official Branch


Why Cellular-based Connection ?
  – Coverage Extension: Wide coverage, not-geographically bound, hassle-free doing without wiring
  – Time-to-Market: Easy to install, fast deployment and short time-to-market
  – Cost Effective: Low installation cost, low maintenance fee, low data traffics fee subject to data plan

• When & Where to Install Cellular Connection ?
  – Wire Un-reached Sites: Wireless WAN connection at rural areas or for mobile vehicles
  – Fast Deployment: Short Time-to-Market for pop-up stalls mission critical applications and flexibile for
    business relocation
  – Robust / HA Connection: Useful for mission critical applications with fixed line as primary access while
    cellular as redundant connection; also dual cellular can serve as main and backup WAN.

• What to Achieve using M2M gateway ?
  – Cellular gateway as network main router using cellular as primary WAN connection
  – Combo cellular gateway with fixed line as  primary WAN and cellular as backup WAN
  – Cellular modem as WAN connection for any existing or newly deployed site network router
  – High bandwidth cellular WAN connection for network router employing Dual-Cellular modem
  – Multi-cellular gateway with load balance function for task level bandwidth aggregation
  – Multi-cellular gateway with bonding function for packet level bandwidth aggregation

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Products: 112 of 28


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