LoRaWAN Solution

LoRaWAN Solution

Download AMIT LoRAWAN Presentation here.

The LoRaWAN® specification is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated ‘things’ to the internet in regional, national or global networks, and targets key Internet of Things (IoT) requirements such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility and localization services. 

LoRaWAN® network architecture is deployed in a star-of-stars topology in which gateways relay messages between end-devices and a central network server. The gateways are connected to the network server via standard IP connections and act as a transparent bridge, simply converting RF packets to IP packets and vice versa. The wireless communication takes advantage of the Long Range characteristics of the LoRa physical layer, allowing a single-hop link between the end-device and one or many gateways. All modes are capable of bi-directional communication, and there is support for multicast addressing groups to make efficient use of spectrum during tasks such as Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) upgrades or other mass distribution messages. 

( above source from LoRa AllianceWhat is LoraWAN - download the LoRaWAN technical Overview file here)

  1. LoRa Gateway  can be connected by Lora node with based on LoRaWAN protocol  to achieve  connectivity 
  2. Working as packet forwarder to receive packet from node and forward to destination network server
  3. External network server can be located at local NOC via Ethernet bridge/NAT, VPN enabling remote NOC, or MQTT based LoRa Cloud
  4. High reliable GW with robust WAN, rich network protocol, secure VPN , QoS function & friendly management , 
  5. Working with any Lora node which is capable with LoRaWAN  including AMIT Lora node and 3rd party products

Deployments of LoRa Technology (From Wikipedia)

  1. Asset tracking using DASH7 networking software
  2. People and asset tracking in Italy
  3. Reindeer tracking in Finland
  4. Glasgow IoT network
  5. IoT networks in Argentina, Brazil and Estonia
  6. Smart fire alarms and fire detections
  7. Smart tracking for bike sharing
  8. Smart bus schedule signs
  9. Smart exit signs
  10. Thai Smart City network
  11. Smart Parking
  12. Smart Cattle Tracking
  13. Natural Disaster communication
  14. Black rhino poaching protection and endangered sea turtle monitoring
  15. Natural disaster prediction
  16. Cotton farming in Australia
  17. Utility metering in India
  18. Utility metering for smart buildings
  19. Autonomous irrigation and soil health monitoring
  20. Space communications
  21. Smart water monitoring and water monitoring for commercial farms
  22. Network deployment in major US cities
  23. City-wide network in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  24. IoT Network in Alba Iulia, Romania

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