Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management Solution

Zcomax TFL Fleet management solutions delivers a full portfolio of telematics solutions that fit the budgets of the smallest to the largest of fleets. Our solutions cover the needs of the long-haul trucking industry through HOS Compliance, DVIR, and IFTA, as well as fleet, asset, and field personnel tracking.

ELD Solutions:

  1. Record driver behaviour
  2. HOS, DVIR and IFTA reporting
  3. Easy to use device and software
  4. Multi-Level account access

Fleet Tracking:

  1. Real-time location tracking
  2. Movement and Theft detection
  3. Geofencing and router playback
  4. support 200+ devices

Trailer & Asset Tracking:

  1. Delivery fleet and management
  2. Asset assurance and recovery
  3. Workforce Management
  4. Equipment theft detection

Video Tracking:

  1. Remote video monitoring and storage
  2. Video events with custom alerts
  3. internal GPS receiver and cellular modem
  4. incident camera with GPS tracking

Manage your entire operational needs through just one system: TFL Cloud Login Portal here.


Complete, Real Time Fleet Visibility

  • Gain fleet visibility and utilisation from anywhere, anytime
  • Investigate historical trends 
  • Filter information by business-specific criteria
  • Easily manage distribution of information

Greater Productivity at much Lower Cost

  • Reduce fuel, labor, maintenance and insurance costs
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Improve response times and enhance customer service

Enhance Security & Protect your Assets

  • Improve fleet safety and reduce liability
  • Ensure quick theft recovery
  • Prolong vehicle and asset life cycles
  • Automate reports and escalate alert violations

Comprehensive all in one Ecosystem

All the latest solutions integrated into a cohesive workflow to bring to you real-time, updated information in a few clicks

Remotely track your assets, allow real-time visibility, improve driver performance and compliance, and cut fuel costs with mileage tracking. Whether you are tracking an asset, require remote monitoring and telematics data, or fleet management, we have a complete solution for you at a competitive cost.

For fleet management, we provide the capability to set alerting and reporting for maintenance intervals, geofence alerts, speed alerts, and excessive idling. Some or our hardware platforms allow you to monitor when doors are opened , or when the ignition is turned on or off. Some platforms allow for remote start-disable, in case of vehicle theft.

We have a large variety of hardware offerings to choose from, whether you need to do vehicle tracking, high-value asset tracking/ theft monitoring, or even personal tracking. The EW tracking and telematics (EWTT) platform runs in a browser, NOT as an app. So it will run on any platform whether in an office, or a mobile scenario.

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