4G LTE Digital Signage Connectivity

4G LTE Wireless Digital Signage Connectivity Solution

Solution Diagram for Digital Signage Connectivity

Requirement For Building Wireless Digital Signage:  

1.Multi-Site IP Networking for Business Continuity

  1. Setup IP networking for signage under network infrastructure with operation center 
  2. Build intranet among all signage and HQ CMS for remote access, even for private IP 
  3. Capable of remote content upgrade, real time monitoring and maintenance needs 
  4. Remote recovery when signage or network become unresponsive
  5. Network activity monitoring and network device management.

2.Value added Function 

  1. Wi-Fi interactive with smart phone 
  2. Integrated with IP Surveillance 
  3. Voice call by client requirement 
  4. Rugged design and environment fitting 
  5. Environment monitoring

3.High Reliability within System 

  1. Robust Internet/ Intranet connection 
  2. Secure data transaction within intranet 
  3. Network Protection, Authentication and Certification 
  4. Deployment Efficiency – Time to market: easy and quick install 
  5. Flexible: wide area coverage, non-geographic limit, easy to change site 
  6. Cost effective: low install cost, low data traffic cost, low maintenance fee

Network Solution Benefits for Wireless Digital Signage

1.Cellular GW and Wi-Fi Access Point to Provide Network Connectivity for Wireless 

  1. Products Including: IDG/ BxG cellular GW series and IOP/OAP Wi-Fi AP series 
  2. Rich Portfolio: Product series with various WAN & Uplink combination for requirement selection 
  3. Versatile Cellular: Functions matching mobile operators service type for easy and flexible installation – Comprehensive Protocol: Complete IP protocol can meet network infrastructure compatibility 
  4. PCI-DSS Compliance: High secure network transaction meet industrial compliance 
  5. Remote Console: RS232 based console for supervisor remote setting, control, status and report 
  6. Environment Fitting: Rugged system and flexible power design fitting environment for easy install 
  7. Value Added : Interactive Wi-Fi; Environment monitoring, Voice call, Location tracking, Surveillance

2.Point to multi-Point Wi-Fi Connection for Local connection 

3.Remote Power to Action for System Unresponsive : 

  1. Product Including: IDG/BDG/IOP/ODP Cellular GW, PDU remote power series 
  2. Unresponsive Action: Control PDU power ON/OFF by GW SMS or UI setting remotely, no need for onsite support 
  3. Operation Mode: Including Auto Power Restart, Manual Power ON/OFF, Schedule Power ON/OFF

4.VPN Concentrator to Build Intranet between Smart Vending and Operation Center 

  1. Product Including: UCE/UCG Multi-WAN/Multi-Cellular VPN concentrator for intranet central control 
  2. Intranet Build: Build up VPN tunnel from gateway of vending machine to concentrator, even for non public IP 
  3. Tunnel Technology: Full tunneling protocol, scenario, certification key, failover or load balance mechanism

5.ACS Cloud to Manage Multi-Site Network device and monitor 

  1. Product Including: AMIT Private Cloud ACS server 
  2. Function: Provision AMIT multi-site network device, batch job for like FW upgrade, Network monitoring