BECentral: Cloud Management Platform

Introduce BECentral

BECentral®, BEC’s cloud-based remote device management platform, provides operators with a comprehensive suite of services to manage devices in real-time. The platform is tightly integrated with BEC’s extensive portfolio of networking devices allowing manage services over 4G/LTE wireless or traditional wired technology. The platform allows operators to remotely provision, monitor, upgrade and troubleshoot devices from a single centralized location.
BECentral Functions

Why BECentral? Extend Your Network Visibility with Complete Device Management

Highly Available and Secure

Fully redundant cloud-based SAN for 99.995% uptime and two factor authentication with granular role-based access rights.

Cost Saving

Eliminate the need for on-premise solutions, costly infrastructure, servers or client software keeping capital, support expenses and operational expenses to a minimum.

Centralized Management

Bring all clients and devices under one management platform, simplifying device access, streamline and speed up deployment, and maximize the operational efficiency.

BECentral Dashboard

Quickly view a summary of carrier networks, devices and network type from an easy-to-use dashboard.

BECentral Dashboard

Proactive Alerts and Notifications

BECentral provides a sophisticated rules engine that can easily be configured to generate custom alerts upon a variety of data conditions. Notification can be sent via email, SMS text message, voice call or as pop-up alerts when users log into the Cloud Portal.

Alert Policy Setting

Alert Policy

Alert Policy Count

Multi-Tenant Management

Create a secure and separated client hierarchy enabling recurring revenues opportunities such as client self-service options, reporting or localized messaging.

User Account and Group

Connectivity Management

Understand and Manage cellular data usage, set allowances and control cost.

Once allowance is reached device restrictions, the administrator can either choose to cut off the connection(data), which the managed device will no longer use any more data. or the other option is never cut off the connection(data) applying the device with reduced internet access.

Data Plan Control

Firmware Management

BECentral provides complete firmware management repository with scheduling. Display current firmware version across all devices and schedule automated updates for individual or for groups of devices.

Firmware Scheduling

Firmware Update

Integration and Scalability

Comprehensive APIs to facilitate application development or quickly integrate device data into other platforms, i.e. CRM, ERP or Billing.

API Landing Page

Application and Aviliability


  • Fixed Broadband
  • Enterprise
  • M2M/IoT
  • Business Continuity
  • Retail PoS/ATM
  • Public Safety
  • Kiosk/Digital Signage

Supported Product

  • 6300VNL | Enterprise LTE Router
  • MX-200Ae/e | WWAN Failover Mananger
  • M100 series | Industrial LTE Router
  • M500 | Enterprise Multi-Carrier Router
  • MX-200A ODU | LTE/LTE-A Outdoor Router
  • RidgeWave series | LTE Outdoor Router

BECentral Literature

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     Case Study
     Platform Overview Video

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