Karsa Indonesia Wireless ATM Project

KARSA INDONESIA PROJECT Business Continuity Wireless ATM

Project Summary:

Where: Indonesia ATM Machine (K.A.S)

Requirement : need 24-7 connectivity service is basic requirement for Wireless ATM Usage.  

Our Solution: using our IDG851-LTGT1 M2M Gateway with  built-in 2 Cellular modules to make the connection always-on and seamless connectivities.

Product Features: Rugged housing specially designed for ATM machine with  Dual LTE  connectivity + VPN GRE over IPSEC protocol for secure smooth and fast connectivity.

Central secured network  Management software for monitoring, SMS alert, configuration, remote management etc.

Reduce costs and save time: Avoid landline installation costs. reduce maintenance, generate reliable M2M WiFi connections, support data rich applications, minimised ATM down Town and always stay connected.