TP-DCDC-1248GD-HP -12v-48v High Power DC To DC Gigabit POE

 TP-DCDC-1248GD-HP DC to DC converter is designed for those requiring 48VDC Power Over Ethernet voltage from a +/-12V battery system. It has an integrated Gigabit PoE+ injector to apply the regulated 56VDC to the CAT5 Ethernet cable. The input voltage must be between 10VDC and 15VDC. 

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Product Specifications


10/100/1000 PoE Out1


Line Regulation1 %
Load Regulation5 %
Noise1 %
Min Efficiency75 %
Power Consumption1 W
Ripple1 %

Power Input

ConnectorScrew Terminal
DC Min10 V
DC Max15 V

Power Output

Voltage Max56 V
Max Power35 W
Current0.625 A
PoE Type802.3af and 802.3at
Voltage Min56 V


Dimensions38 x 75 x 125 mm
Weight300 g


Operating Humidity TypeNon-condensing
Operating Humidity Max90 % RH
Storage Temperature80 to -40 °c
Operating Humidity Min5 % RH
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