1 Year Service Renewer for SC iON Asset Management Gateway

TFL 1 Year Service Renewer (data + cloud access ONLY no Hardware included) for SC iON Asset Management Gateway.

The TFL CalAmp SC iOn Asset Management Gateway Development Kit is an ideal solution for global shipping and logistics, cold chain, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive shipments which need to maintain supply chain integrity, security, regulatory compliance (FSMA, FDA, C-TPAT), visibility and distributed asset management. The solution increases shipment and aids in shipment recovery.

Competitive Price. Advanced Technology. Maintained Compliance.

The TFL Asset Management Gateway Kit offers an Ocean mode that will reduce battery consumption while on ocean shipments. Ocean mode can be turned on manually or with geo-spatial events. While in a low power mode, cargo conditions will continue to be measured and logged. Once the shipment arrives at port, all data and events are transmitted to the TFL SC iOn™ Command Portal.

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