Qi+ invisible wireless charger

10W/7.5W/5W Under-the-table Qi wireless charger (15mm to 30mm charging distance )

Qi+ is a low frequency resonant  wireless charger designed for charging  mobile phones through 15mm ~ 30mm distance, which is superior to normal Qi+ chargers today which can only charge mobile  phones through 2mm~8mm distance.  It’s compatible with all Qi standard mobile  phones. It can be installed under any non-metallic table made of materials such as  wood, plastic, glass, and granite. And it can  support 5W Qi BPP standard, 7.5W Apple fast  charging, and 10W Samsung fast charging.

Key Features:

  • Support 5W Qi+ BPP/7.5W Apple/10W
  • Samsung wireless charging
  • Support all Qi standard mobile phones
  • Charging distance from 15mm to 30mm.
  • Make your furniture and surface of  structure remain intact
  • Self-protection when charging distance is  lower than 15mm
  • Easy installation
  • Over-current/Over-voltage/
  • Over-temperature and FOD protection
  • FCC/CE/NCC certified

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Power Input Interface

DC jack

Input Power Requirement

DC: 19V 0.94A

Output Power

Up to 10W max. delivery to the phone

Supported standards

Qi 5W BPP, Apple 7.5W fast charging, Samsung 10W fast charging

Standby Power


Power Area (X & Y)

80 mm diameter circular area

Power Distance (Z)

Optimum 20 mm (15 mm- 25 mm) tested over 30mm thickness

Horizontal Freedom

+/- 10 mm

End to End efficiency

65% @20mm (iPhone XR)

Operation frequency

115KHz ~ 150KHz


143.3 mm (l) x 108.2 mm (w) 8.25mm (h)

Mechanical Specification:

Case Dimension  143.3mm(L) x 108.2mm (W) x 8.25mm(H)

Environmental Specification:

Operating Condition:  0℃ ~ +45℃

Temperature range: Humidity: 10% ~ 90 %

Storage Condition: -20℃ ~ +70℃

Temperature range: Humidity: 10% ~ 90%

Package List:

QST015B low frequency resonant wireless charger set includes below parts

  • 1.QST015B Wireless charging pad ×1
  • 2.QST015B associated tray ×1
  • 3.Cardboard with two fixed magnets for installation ×1
  • 4.Power adapter ×1
  • 5.Screws × 4
  • 6.Manual x 1
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