Lora Node - LoRaWAN Data logger

The OOT550 is a cost-effective solution for data acquisition and wireless telemetry.

It leverages LoRaWAN technology that is optimized for sending IoT traffic with low data rates over long distances.

Thanks to the power saving technology, the OOT550 has ultra-low power consumption which allows it to operate on a single battery for years.

Based on open source LoRaWAN standard it has high interoperability between devices and networks.

•AMI/AMR: gas, water
•Smart Infrastructure: street lighting, parking, waste management
•Precision agriculture and farming
•Industrial sensors

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Device Interface

•LoRa Chipset: SX1262
•Log Storage: : 16MB internal storage for data logging
•I/O Connector: 2* M16 waterproof connectors with 2-hole cable gland for
                            wiring  the required ports to external sensors/meters.
Available H/W Ports
•Analog Input: 3* AI ports (non-Isolated, 0.1% precision)
                        Emulated DI Mode (“1”: above 1.5V ,  ‘0”:  below 1.5V, or
                        Floating), reserved (provided when FW ready)
                        Voltage Mode (AI1~2: 0-10V, AI3: 0~20V)
                        Current Mode (AI1~3: 4-20mA)
•Digital Input: 2* DI ports (3.75KV Isolated) Level mode(“1”: 2V ~ 25V ,  ‘0”: 0V ~ 1V, or Floating)                                           

Pulse Counter Mode
•Digital Output: 1* DO port (3.75KV Isolated, non-relayed,  24V/300mA)
•Field Bus: 1* RS485 (non-Isolated) for Modbus RTU Protocol
•Console Port: 1* UART for device configuration
•Wake-up Port: 1* wake-up port for device wake-up triggering.
•Power Source : 4000mAh 3.6V Li-SOCL2 battery, or external 5V~12V DC power      
•Antenna : 1* LoRa antenna

WAN & Uplink
•Uplink: LoRa, support standard LoRaWAN™ protocol and Class A/C.
•Connection: By Interval

Field Comm.
•Modbus: Master for accessing attached Modbus RTU Slaves
                 (Upto to 3 Modbus devices supported)

•Configuration : Windows Utility, Console CLI via USB-to-Serial console cable, or Bluetooth wireless
•System: Backup & Restore, Reboot & Reset, SysLog, Upgrade 


•OP/Store Temp.:       -30°C ~ 70°C ;  -40°C ~ 85°C
•Humidity:        10%~95% (non-condensing)
•Enclosure:       Plastic (PC, UL-94V2), Bracket Mount
•Dimension:     105x 75x55mm (Enclosure only); 132x103x55mm (including Cable Gland, Brackets);

Certificate - CE

•Standards & Regulation
•EMI: EN 55032: 2015 +AC: 2016 Class B
•EMS: EN 55024, IEC 61000
•Radio: EN 300 220, EN 301 489
•Safety: EN 60950-1, EN 62368-1

Package Accessory
•1*4000mAh 3.6V Li-SOCL2 Battery (for –DL3B2)
•2*Cable Tie for fixing battery (for –DL3B2)
•3*Jumper for AI current mode setting
•3*Water&dust-proof Stopper

Optional Accessory (separate order required)
•USB-to-Serial Console Cable

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