MeshLinq - cloud-managed, Trill-enabled, Bonding/Meshing managed switch with power over ethernet output

IgniteNet’s MeshLinq is the first of its kind: a cloud-managed, TRILL-enabled, managed switch with power over ethernet output purpose built for flexible, redundant, future-proof network deployments. The MeshLinq brings proven, high-end datacenter technology to ISPs worldwide by bringing the TRILL mesh protocol at an affordable price-point. The sleek design of the MeshLinq allows it to be placed inconspicuously indoors or outdoors, bringing simplified, easy to install network management to any location. When paired with the MetroLinq platform, blazingly fast, secure, and robust networks are a breeze to deploy.

MeshLink Yellow Circle powering up Metrolinq 10G Omni and Metroling 2.5ML-60-19 PTP

Meshlinq features the following unique set of capabilities:

  • Trill switch mode features shortest path L2 bridging and failover in a mesh topology
  • Standard switch mode which supports port aggregation for increased capacity and seamless failover
  • Configurable Passive PoE output which can power new and existing wireless infrastructure
  • Sleek and rugged Indoor/outdoor switch enclosure which supports a variety of deployment requirements
  • Intuitive configuration, management and maintenance via a local web GUI and/or the IgniteNet Cloud
  • SNMP capability for use with various NMS.

Meshlinq Passive PoE

Passive PoE out can be enabled on four of the Meshlinq Ethernet ports if the Meshlinq is powered via External 24-56V DC PSU (Not included). The output voltage on PoE enabled ports matches the DC input and can supply 24-48V, 1A per port to 802.3at/af and passive PoE capable devices.

Meshlinq Port Aggregation

Access ports on MeshLinq can be configured for port aggregation through bonding, which allows up to four ports to be combined into a single logical switch port for increased capacity and seamless failover.

Metrolinq PTP Links Bonding Using MeshLinq

MeshLinq TRILL Enabled PTP Links

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Meshlinq Trill Mode and Topologies

The Ethernet ports on Meshlinq switches can be configured in one of two modes:

TRUNK – This defines the port as a hybrid TRILL trunk/access port which transmits TRILL protocol packets and TRILL encapsulated frames as well as native Ethernet frames to connected devices.

ACCESS – This defines the port as an access port only. Access ports should be connected to native Ethernet devices at the edge of the TRILL cloud and can as regular switch ports.  

Trunk ports on Meshlinq can be connected in an arbitrary mesh topology. Links between these trunk ports can consist of MeshLinq RBs, MetroLinq bridges or L2 devices such as switches in general. Encapsulated Ethernet frames traverse the shortest path within the TRILL mesh to the intended end node; If one of the paths disappears due to a link failure or for any other reason, another path is used.

Note: MeshLinq’s proprietary implementation of TRILL allows trunk ports to transmit both TRILL encapsulated frames and native Ethernet frames to intermediate L2 devices without creating loops. This allows intermediate devices such as MetroLinq within the TRILL cloud to be accessed from devices outside of the TRILL cloud.

Power up multiple devices on the same tower

MeshLinq™ has a flexible power output configuration via software control and is an ideal device for outdoor deployments and can power-up MetroLinq backhaul and last-mile point to multipoint devices, Wi-Fi access points and even IP cameras. 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports are available to provide data and power and an additional 2.5G Ethernet port for data input/backhaul.

High-end data center routing technology

Trill is a Layer-2 mesh routing protocol that until now was only available to high-end data center switches. With the innovative MeshLinq™, this technology is now available for service providers worldwide at extremely affordable price points. The MeshLinq™ can significantly simplify building scalable and high capacity network designs with failover routes for the connected customers and is compatible with existing Layer 2 devices.

Cloud managed networking

MeshLinq has an instant out of the box cloud support and can be remotely managed and monitored. The cloud controller from IgniteNet is a powerful and cost-effective platform to monitor and manage multiple networks with 1000’s of devices for only £80 USD per year. It is ideal for ISPs that not only want to offer a managed in-home or in-business networking solution but that also want to easily deploy additional value-add services over that platform from anywhere, anytime.

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