IOG951-0TL21 4G LTE IIoT LoRa Edge Gateway

The IOG951 is optimized to acquire, process and filter large amount of real-time data. It creates secure IIoT system and enables cloud integration providing full operational control over field devices from any place in the world. The cost-effective industrial network solution is easy to scale connecting wide range of assets as systems, logic controllers, actuators, and sensors.


  • Industrial IoT and networking 
  • System cloud integration 
  • Smart City and ITS 
  • Remote monitoring 
  • LoRaWAN

Industrial IoT & cloud integration 

  • LoRa Gateway, Network Server 

Data & access security 

  • VPN, Firewall; TR-069, SNMP Remote 
  • VLAN grouping, I/O ports disablement

Robust low-latency networking 

  • Multi-WAN Failover / Load Balance 
  • 4G LTE 
  • Gigabit Ethernet

Open platform for developers 

  • • Python programming 
  • • AMIT Linux SDK

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Device Interface
• 4G Module: 1*4G, 2*micro-SIM (3FF), with GNSS
• Ethernet: 3*RJ45 GE ports
• WiFi: 1*11n‐2*2 WiFi
• LoRa: 1*LoRa (8*Channel)
• Field Bus: 1*RS232/485 (Terminal Block)
• Log Storage: 1*USB, 1*Micro-SD
• I/O: 2*AI (0~10V, 12bit ADC, sampling rate upto 125KHz),
2*DI (Isolated, “Logic 0”: 0~2V, “Logic 1”: 5V~30V),
2*DO (Isloated, Non-Relayed Output, 24V/300mA for each port)
• Power Input : 1* DC 9V ~ 36V (Terminal Block)
• Antenna Con.: 2*SMA (F)-4G, 1* SMA(F)-GNSS,
2*SMA (M)-WiFi, 1*SMA(F)-LoRa
WAN & Uplink
• WAN: Cellular & Config. Ether-WAN; Failover, Load Balance
• Cellular: 3GPP, 3G/4G, IP Pass-through, IPv4/6
• Ether-WAN: Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE , PPTP, L2TP
• Network Monitor: ICMP/DNS Query
• Standard: 802.11 Industry Compliance
• Mode: AP Router, WDS Only, WDS Hybrid Modes
• Functions: Multi-SSID, WMM
• Security: WEP, WPA,WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, 802.1x
• LAN & VLAN: DHCP Server/Relay, Port/Tag based VLAN
• IPv6: Dual Stack, Static IPv6, DHCPv6, PPPoEv6
• Port Forward: NAT 1-1, 1-many, tansversal, DMZ, Virtual Server &
Computer, VPN Pass-through
• Routing: Static, Dynamic - RIP1/RIP2, OSPF, BGP
• QoS: Policy-based, 802.1q and TOS for priority queues
Field Comm.
• Virtual COM: RFC2217, TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP
• Modbus: Gateway for Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII Master/Slave Access;
Slave for Device Status/Information Access
• Data Interchange: OPC UA Server, MQTT Broker, MQTT Client
• Data Logging: Sniffer, Off-line / Full-time Proxy, mixed modes

• VPN Tunneling: IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, GRE
• Scenario: Site/Host to Site/host; Hub and Spoke; Dynamic VPN
• VPN Capability: IPSec: up to 16 tunnels
• Firewall: SPI Firewall with Stealth Mode, IPS
• Access Control: Packet Filter, URL Blocking, MAC Filter
• Configuration: Web UI, CLI, Command Script, Python
• Management: SNMPv3 Std. & AMIT MIB, TR069
• System: Upgrade, Backup & Restore, Reboot & Reset, SysLog
• Diagnostic: Packet Analyzer, Diagnostic Tools
• Cellular Toolkit: Data Usage, SMS, SIM PIN, USSD, Network Scan
• Event Handling: User Defined Manage/Notify Event; Action & Trigger by
SMS, Mail, Syslog, SNMP Trap, Modbus, I/O
• GNSS: GPS Location Tracking
• LoRa: LoRa Gateway, Public Network Server (external), Private Network
Server (internal, up to 300 nodes)
• User Application: Node-RED, AWS GreenGrass supported
• OP/Storage Temp.: -30°C ~ 70°C ; -40°C ~ 85°C
• Humidity: 10%~95% (non-condensing)
• Enclosure: Metal Body with Aluminum Extrusion Covers,
DIN-Rail, Bracket (Optional)
• Dimension: 62x125x160mm (w/o mounting kit)
62x135x160mm (with DIN Rail kit)
Certificate - CE
• Standards & Regulation
• EMI: EN 55032: 2015 +AC: 2016 Class B
• EMS: EN 55024, IEC 61000-4, IEC 61000-6
• Radio: EN 301 489, EN50385
• Safety: EN 62368-1
Package Accessory
• 1*Device
• 3*Terminal Block (for DC Power , Serial, I/O)
• 1*RJ45 Cable
• 1*DIN Rail Kit, 1*Screw Bag

    • Weight
      2 kg
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