IDG400-0TE01 4G Ethernet Modem

  • Single SIM LTE
  • 1*10/100 Ethernet
  • 1* GPS (Optional)
  • Metal Housing
  • Micro-USB 5V ~ 32V
  • -30°C ~ 70°C

Wireless WAN at Instant
LTE based modem with Ethernet interface brings simplicity to wireless connection process. It enables WAN connectivity for geo-distributed standalone devices across category of IT, business, industry and security.

Dedicated to customer applications

Essential flexibility is offered to support unique user cases. Built-in Qualcomm based LTE  module and based on open Linux platform, it is highly programmable for customized applications. Compact device features rugged aluminum enclosure and can operate in temperature range from -30°C to +70°C. USB powered, low weight and detachable antennas. It easy to deploy anywhere and integrate into end host devices.

Zero-touch configuration

Plug and play Modems allow instant connectivity for wide range of devices right out of the box. Carrier auto detection and auto APN allow zero configuration connection. Toolkit enables data usage statistics and connection budget control.  Backward compatible to past cellular network, it can automatic down grade to operate according to infra-structure deployment.

Network supervision

Monitoring and settings are available using web UI, AT Commands and SMS. It can also monitors location based devices connectivity status. All are helpful for multi-site management.

Geo location awareness

Assisted and standalone GNSS modes are having an accuracy of 5m. Modems are capable of geo location awareness. It is helpful to monitor location based devices connection status, or to track mobility devices. Location data complies with NMEA 0183 protocol for backend integration.

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ITS - Cross Road

4G Multi-WAN GW Builds IIoT Network for Traffic Management 

4G PoE IIoT Gateway Enable Surveillance Network


Device Interface
LTE Module:1*LTE-Cat.4, 1*uSIM, GPS(Optional),
Ethernet :1*RJ45 FE
Power Input : Micro USB 5V (Option up to 32V)
Antenna Con.:2*SMA (F)-LTE ,1* SMA(F)-GPS(Optional)
WAN & Uplink
WAN:Cellular & Config
Cellular:3GPP, 2G/3G/LTE, IP Pass-through, IPv4/6
Network Monitor:ICMP/DNS Query
IPv6*:Cellular IPv6
Firewall: SPI Firewall with Stealth Mode
Configuration: Web UI, CLI
System:Upgrade, Reboot & Reset, SysLog
Cellular Toolkit: SMS, SIM PIN
Event Handling: User Defined Manage/Notify Event; Action & Trigger by SMS, Email
GNSS*: GPS Location Tracking / Viewer
OP/Store Temp.: -30°C ~ 70°C;  -40°C ~ 85°C
Humidity:        10%~95% (non-condensing)
Enclosure:       Metal, Bracket
Dimension:     77.4x68.5x26mm
Certificate - CE
Standards & Regulation
EMI: EN 55032
EMS: EN 55024, IEC 61000-4, EN61000-6
Radio: EN 301 489, EN50385      
Safety: EN 62368-1
Package Accessory
2*Cellular Antenna (3dBi)
1*MicroUSB Cable
1*RJ-45 Cable

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