IgniteNet Mixed Media Converter, Fiber to Ethernet / DC to PoE

IgniteNet Mixed Media Converter converts 10/100Mbps copper Ethernet to 1000Mbps fiber allowing for Passive PoE on the Ethernet port, while providing a 12-56VDC power tap for accessory connectivity. It can also be directly connected to a DC power cable and provide passive PoE output on its Ethernet RJ45 port, offering unparalleled flexibility.

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Interface Specifications 

• Ethernet: 1000Mbps PoE

• SFP: 1Gbps SFP Cage

• DC: Terminal Block

Mechanical Specifications 

• Weather Rating: IP55

• Temperature Rating: -40 to 80°C 

• Mounting Options: Wall or Pole (25-100mm)

Power Specifications 

• Operation Voltage: 12-56V

• Power Consumption: 4W Max

• PoE Power Rating: 15W

• PoE Pinout: + (1,2 & 4,5), - (3,6 & 7,8)

• DC Cabling: Up to 14AWG Wire

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