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  • January, 2019
    • 21-01-2019
      As the newest product of Billion, the Billion M120N is designed for in-vehicle and industrial control applications( Smart Bus / Public Safety / Fleet Management / Energy Oil/Gas / Retail/Chain Store / Finance Kiosk/ATM )that require LTE wireless connections with high availability. The Billion M120N
  • October, 2018
  • July, 2018
    • 05-07-2018
      Ofcom has today proposed changes that could result in faster fixed wireless data and broadband links, such as exploring the potential for radio spectrum above 92GHz, changing the authorisation regime in the 64-66GHz band to licence exempt and expanding the use cases for 57-66 GHz (V band).
  • April, 2018
  • December, 2017
    • 18-12-2017
      2.0.2 Change log Improved lighttpd runtime configuration. Fixed DHCP fallback IP configuration. Performance and memory management improvements. Fixed complex network interface configuration issues. Improved survey scan results. Fixed 20/40 channel width coexistence configuration. Fixed client probe
    • 07-12-2017
      IgniteNet™’s MeshLinq™ is the first of its kind: a cloud-managed, Trill-enabled, managed switch with power over ethernet output purpose built for flexible, redundant, future-proof network deployments. The MeshLinq™ brings proven, high-end datacenter technology to ISPs worldwide by bringing the Trill
    • 06-12-2017
      IgniteNet is introducing two new high performance, Wave2 access points that will complement the current Wi-Fi product line offering the latest in WiFi technologies and performance. 1. SunSpot Wave2™ 2. Spark Wave2 Mini™