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25 Mar 2019

IgniteNet’s 60GHz MetroLinq Platform Solves Severe 5GHz Interference Issues in Mexico

IgniteNet and their Authorized Distributor, Syscom, along with Mexican service provider Ar@net are working together to replace interference riddled 5 GHz frequency connections with the new MetroLinq 2.5G series devices. Ar@net, a WISP based in Lazaro Cárdenas Michoacán area in Mexico, is suffering from an increasingly congested 5GHz spectrum resulting in low performance on their backhaul and last-mile connectivity links. Ar@net delivers data and VoIP connectivity to unconnected areas using wireless devices operating in unlicensed ISM bands. Until recently, this was limited primarily to 5GHz, however 60GHz recently was approved for unlicensed use by Mexican regulators opening up a huge amount of new spectrum.

25 Mar 2019

Introducing the new MetroLinq 5 LW

IgniteNet is pleased to introduce the new MetroLinq 5 LW. The MetroLinq 5 LW is a dual-band concurrent, dual-radio wireless bridge ideal for PTP and PTMP applications. When used in conjuncton with a MetroLinq 60GHz base station, the MetroLinq 5 LW is perfect for connecting clients on fixed 5GHz service – especially where there is nLOS or longer distance connections needed. Other applications include short to mid-range (up to 10 km/6.2mi) wireless bridging with a 2.4 GHz radio dedicated to local Wi-Fi access perfect for hotspot applications, management, and advertising – all from the same device.

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25 Mar 2019

2.0.3 MetroLinq 2.5 Firmware Released

New firmware available!

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud controller interface.

Which products does this affect?

This firmware applies to the following models:

  • ML2.5-60-35-XX
  • ML2.5-60-19-XX
  • ML2.5-60-BF-18-XX

25 Mar 2019

Carrier grade Managed LTE/ Wi-Fi Outdoor Router

Bipac 4700AZ Series is integrated with the latest generation of Mobile Wireless and Wi-Fi technologies. It provides Carrier Grade dual-band 802.11n/802.11ac Wave 2 wireless connectivity for Wifi-enabled devices – indoor or outdoor.

06 Dec 2017

New 802.11ac Wave2 AC2600 access points from IgniteNet

Two exciting new Wave2 access points are enhancing enterprise Wi-Fi product portfolio

IgniteNet is introducing two new high performance, Wave2 access points that will complement the current Wi-Fi product line offering the latest in WiFi technologies and performance.

Spark Wave2 mini

The Spark Wave2 mini is a very small and sleek form factor indoor AP with a 2x2 dual-band concurrent radio. Its high performance 802.11ac Wave2 radio and extremely low price point make this product stand out as the lowest cost enterprise wireless AP on the market.


Sunspot Wave2

 SunSpot Wave2 is IgniteNet’s highest performance access point with a dual-band concurrent 4x4 radio offering datarates of up to 2.6 Gbps over the air. Equipped with a powerful CPU, 4 wireless chains for each radio, and the advantages of 11ac Wave2 standard like MU-MiMo and beamforming, the SunSpot Wave2 is ideal for high-density deployments requiring high performance and large numbers of clients. Additionally, it comes in a universal IP-55 rated enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor deployments – greatly simplifying logisitics and deployment for service providers.

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29 Nov 2017

Introducing the Metrolinq 60 LW

IgniteNet’s MetroLinq 60 LW changes the economics of low-cost 60GHz PTP and PTMP connections. With a 60GHz range of up to 150m (0.1mi) as well as built-in 5GHz failover, it can provide reliable high throughput in the harshest conditions. It also has the advantage of being license-free in most markets, allowing ultra-fast deployment and without the hassle of other frequency bands. The MetroLinq 60 LW also includes a third 2.4 GHz radio which can be configured a multi-tenant AP for applications ranging from hotspots to maintenance and many more. The new MetroLinq is really small and light weight making it even easier to deploy on a crowded urban areas. The LW is available in 2 different variants - one in which the 5GHz radio is connected to a directional antenna for backup purposes and another where it is connected to a omni for access purposes.

Products: 16 of 7