4G Rural Broadband

4G Rural Broadband

4G Broadband can give you fast reliable broadband for your Home or Business.  Providing fast internet in areas that are not covered by fixed line services.

For those that can't get a BT phone line or find ADSL inadequate, mobile broadband is increasingly becoming a viable options.

4G speeds are better than the fixed line performance most rural users can expect and expanded coverage means that the service is increasingly available outside of town and cities.

Unsurprisingly, the big problem for rural areas is signal quality. Zcomax Rural broadband solution can enable the rural users to connect to the 3G/4G mast from 10km away ( tested 18.3km with our O220 unit) and still able to receive good signal with the integrated high gain directional antenna.

Products available:

  1. WaveTel O220-N - High Gain Directional Antenna up to 18Km Ip 67 (Most cost Effective)
  2. Billion 4700ZUL - High Gain Directional Antenna up to 18km IP 67 (Industrial Grade)
  3. Billion 4700AZ - Same as 4700ZUL but with 11ac wifi Built In IP 67 (Industrial Grade)
  4. Billion 4700ZUL-OM - Same as 4700ZUL But with 2 x Omni Antennas for quick installation without pointing to the 4G mast direction IP 67. ( Industrial Grade Coming Soon).


  1. All in one unit no external antennas required. (O220 & 4700ZUL Model only).
  2. Powered over Ethernet.
  3. IP 67 Weather proof housing.
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