4G LTE-WIFI In-Vehicle Transit & Public Safety Applications
Embedded WLAN Module , 802.11AC MiniPCI-Express card, Extended Temp High Power USB module, Stamp Size SDIO/SPI WLAN Module
High Speed High Density WiFi Coverage
WISP / PTMP / Last Mile Solution
Nation Wide Hotspot Solution
Long Range PTP link

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Company News

Z-Com aims to supply 30% of Wi-Fi hot-spot equipment to China Mobile in 2013

Z-Com, a Taiwan-based maker of broadband wireless Internet-access devices and provider of wireless/mobile data solutions, aims to land orders from China Mobile, China's largest mobile... Click here to read more. 


Simply Superior WLAN Solution

The rapid growth of smart devices is over burdening 3G/4G networks. Telco is finding Wi-Fi as a complementary solution, fastandeasy, to relieve the stress on overloaded 3G/4G networks.  Zcomax  gives Telco providers the opportunity to draw new incomes from thousands of managed offload sites or hotspots. The 3G/4G offload solution directs data path to go from the user’s smart devices to the internet. With central WLAN Access Controller provides easy deployment and  maintenance to reduce cost for WLAN access.




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